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Tips for What To Do After a Hospital Discharge

Discover tips on easing the journey from hospital to home for seniors after surgery or lengthy hospital stays, including transition care services, ensuring they receive the necessary support.
Transition care providers can help seniors at home after a hospital stay.
Transition care providers can help seniors at home after a hospital stay.

Unfortunately, many seniors undergo hospital stays due to illnesses or even planned surgeries. Depending on the treatment and how they are healing, they may stay in the hospital for a few days or a few weeks. The longer the hospital stay, the more daunting it can seem to go back home. However, there are certain things your loved one can do, like transition care services, to make going home feel easier and less scary.


Find Hospital to Home Transition Care

After surgery or a major hospital stay, your loved one may need more help around the house. One of the best things they can do before ever leaving the hospital is find the right hospital-to-home transition care. A doctor or even the hospital may partner with a program to help find the right fit for your senior. These professionals will:

  • Help a senior get home.
  • Help your loved one get settled at home.
  • Prepare the home for after surgery.
  • Develop a routine for after a hospital stay.
  • Help with transportation to more doctor’s appointments.
  • Help pay attention to any abnormalities.


Your loved one will need to pay attention to any major changes and report everything to a doctor. This can be hard, especially if they are on any medications. Transition care can help you understand where your loved one is struggling and then ensure a doctor knows. This simple observation can help your loved one heal a lot faster and better while at home after a hospital trip.


Understand Instructions

Before leaving the hospital, a senior should know what they need to do when they go home. They need to know how to care for any wounds or illnesses, what medications to take, and what they can or cannot do at home. This will help ensure they stay safe when they do get discharged.

Another thing they need to know is who to call if they have any questions. If it is not an emergency, there may be a nurses’ line. Collecting all of this information before leaving the hospital can help seniors feel calmer about going home because they know they will still have a good support system within the hospital.


Let Family Help

If your family has the time to help, allow them to help your elderly family member. This may mean you can bring over baked foods or new dinners for the weak to help them eat or just go over to spend time with them while they recover. Chances are, seniors will be pretty bored, and they will have to take it easy until they’re feeling better and the doctor tells them it’s okay to do more.


Take it Slow

Once seniors return home, they need to listen to their bodies and take it slow. They can’t return to everything right away, and they may need more help running and managing the house for a little while. Seniors need to be patient because if they rush this healing process, they may actually hurt themselves worse or recover a lot slower. Transition care services are a great way for seniors to ease back into their routines after hospitalization.



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