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5 Ways To Keep Your Mom Safe From Heatstroke This Summer

Learn how to protect your mom from heatstroke this summer with these five tips and by considering home care assistance for her safety.
Home care assistance can help aging seniors stay cooler during high temperatures.
Home care assistance can help aging seniors stay cooler during high temperatures.

Heatstroke is something that seniors who are living at home need to be concerned about during the summer. There are several different types of heat-related illnesses that can affect seniors, but heatstroke occurs when your mom’s body temperature is 104 or higher. If that happens, your mom needs medical help immediately to prevent severe health problems or even death.

If you can’t be with your mom during the day in the summer because you have to work or have kids at home, think about getting home care assistance for your mom. If your mom has home care assistance, she won’t be alone during the hottest part of the day. And a home care assistance provider will be with her all day to make sure she’s drinking water and taking other steps to stay cool.

In addition to getting home care assistance, these five things can also help keep your mom safe from heatstroke this summer:


Eat Water-Based Foods

Drinking water is important, but eating mostly water-rich foods can also help your mom stay cool. Fruits like watermelon or cantaloupe and vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes are mostly water, so your mom should be eating them throughout the day. Cold grapes are also a good snack for seniors in hot weather.


Limit Movement

Most of the time, seniors are being told to move more, but when the temperatures rise, seniors should limit their movements so they don’t get too warm. Your mom should stay indoors and try not to do any strenuous activities. A home care assistance caregiver can help your mom with chores like laundry, sweeping, and other tasks that can be physically intense for seniors.


Use Air Conditioning

Make sure your mom has air conditioning and uses it when the temperatures rise. Box fans and ceiling fans can help circulate cold air inside the home. If your mom has a big house and not all the rooms are used, turn off the vents in those rooms and shut the doors. That will direct all the cold air to the rooms where your mom spends most of her time.


Take Cool Showers or Baths

Regularly taking cool showers or baths can help lower body temperature. Using damp, cool washcloths on the skin can also provide relief. If your mom needs help getting in and out of the shower safely, home care assistance is available to help her safely stay cool.

If your mom doesn’t want to take a full shower or bath to stay cool, you or a home care assistance caregiver can fill a large bowl, a dishpan, or other container with cold water and ice and let her soak her feet. A cold soak is a great way to cool off on a hot day.


Eat Light Meals

Heavy meals can increase body heat. Encourage light, nutritious meals that are easy to digest and don’t add to the body’s heat load. If your mom gets nauseous from the heat and she’s been eating heavy meals, she could get sick. Try serving light, cool snacks throughout the day instead of serving three full meals.



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