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Healthy Home Care Assistance Tips to Use Overripe Fruit

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Senior Nutrition: Home Care Assistance La Jolla CA
Senior Nutrition: Home Care Assistance La Jolla CA

Now that the weather is getting warmer there’s a great chance that fruit will start to get overripe faster. Seniors who hate to waste things may avoid buying fresh fruit to prevent that from happening. But seniors need the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit to stay healthy. In reality, seniors should be eating fresh fruit every day. If your senior parent really hates to waste fresh fruit or vegetables, they can use overripe fruit in these healthy and delicious ways.

Juice Them

Overripe citrus fruit usually has lots of juice, and that delicious juice is extremely healthy. With some home care assistance your senior loved one can juice all of that overripe fruit and freeze it so that they can enjoy it all throughout the year. A smart way to freeze fresh fruit juice is to use a single serve soup freezer container. These containers can be purchased at any home store. They look like oversized ice cube trays. Each compartment holds about a cup of liquid. Your senior parent can fill them with fresh squeezed fruit juice and save them. Then they can take out a cube of juice and thaw it when they want some fresh juice.

Use Them in Baking

Seniors can use up ripe bananas by baking with them. If your senior parent needs help turning on the stove or lifting pans home care assistance can help them bake. But bananas make great additions to fresh quick breads or cookies, and they can be used as a binder in cakes. Fresh applesauce made from overripe apples can also be used when baking to add flavor and texture and to act as a binder.

Add Them to Water

When fruit is overripe and it’s about to go off a great way to use it up is to make fruit-infused water. Seniors are much more likely to drink enough water when they have delicious fruit-infused water. And fruit infused water is very simple to make. Cut up the fruit into slices and add the slices to an infusion pitcher filled with water. The fruit will slowly infuse the water with fruit juice and the delicious taste of ripe fruit.

Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and lemons make fantastic fruit infused water. But berries, grapes, and even cucumbers can also be added to water. The combinations are endless and it’s so easy. If your senior parent doesn’t have an infusion pitcher they can just add the fruit to any pitcher of water and strain it out before drinking.

Make Preserves

Quick preserves made with pectin are easy to make and delicious. And they can make fantastic gifts for the holidays too. All your senior parent needs to make preserves from overripe fruit is some pectin and some jars. Often the fruit is so sweet that it doesn’t even need sugar. With some easy to follow instructions and home care assistance your senior parent can turn all their overripe fruit into delicious jams and jellies.

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