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Elder Care Observances: Environmental Services and Housekeeping Week


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Elder Care Pacific Beach CA Can you imagine a doctor’s office that had not been cleaned, or a hospital that had the same sheets and pillows from the last week’s worth of patients still on the beds? Environmental and housekeeping services professionals make a tremendous difference in the healthcare industry but often go unnoticed. Within your elder care journey, every time you bring your parents to the doctor, visit the emergency room, go in for a physical therapy appointment, or get their teeth cleaned, you are benefiting from the hard work of these professionals. September 13 through 19, make an effort to show your appreciation for these professionals and take a cue from the efforts to improve your own elder care efforts during Environmental Services and Housekeeping Week.

This weeklong observance was designed to bring awareness to the important role environmental service and housekeeping professionals play in the healthcare industry, and give people opportunities to show their appreciation, as well as learn more about how to improve the efforts within these areas in their own environments. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to express your gratitude to the hardworking people in the doctors’ offices and treatment facilities your parents frequent, but also to learn more about ways you can utilize their techniques to make your parents’ home a safer, cleaner, and healthier place.

Use these ideas to inspire you to come up with your own ways to observe Environmental Services and Housekeeping Week with your aging loved ones:

  • Send a thank you gift. Send a gift to the doctors’ offices and treatment facilities with a note expressing your gratitude for everything that these professionals do to make the environment safe, clean, and healthy. Consider options such as fruit arrangements, bakery baskets, or snack food baskets. For simplicity, order these items online and arrange for delivery directly to the facility with an included note
  • Write letters. Just a simple “thank you” can go a long way in making environmental services and housekeeping professionals feel acknowledged and appreciated in their often-overlooked jobs. Write a letter to the facilities praising their environmental services and housekeeping staff and letting them know what a difference their work makes in how you feel about your elder care journey with your aging loved ones
  • Call them out. If you happen to know the name of one of these professionals who has done a particularly impressive job, do not hesitate to contact that person’s superior and give your praise. This not only lets the supervisor know that his efforts are recognized as the leader of the team, but it also gives him the opportunity to share that praise with the professional
  • Revamp your own approach. Take a cue from the efforts of these professionals and revamp your own cleaning and germ control approaches throughout your aging loved ones’ home. Work with their caregiver to come up with safe, effective, and organized techniques to keep their home clean, fresh, and healthy so that they can live the highest quality of life possible throughout their aging years.

For more information about how the caregivers at La Jolla Nurses Homecare can help your aging parents remain in their own homes, call 858-454-9339. We are a home care agency providing quality and affordable elder care in Pacific Beach, CA, and the surrounding communities.

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