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What Is the Difference Between Skilled Nursing Care and Home Care?

Skilled Nursing: Senior Care Options in San Diego, Ca
Skilled Nursing: Senior Care Options in San Diego, Ca

When seniors have medical needs but don’t want or need to be in a hospital setting, they may wonder whether skilled nursing care or home care is the best option. There are some similarities between these types of care, but there are many differences, too. That’s why it’s so important to understand what those differences are.


What Is Skilled Nursing Care at Home?

Skilled nursing care is medical care at home offered by licensed healthcare professionals. The medical treatments are prescribed by doctors and skilled nurses administer treatments and monitor how patients are doing. This allows patients with complex medical conditions to get the care that they need while continuing to stay at home. Patients might be recovering from surgery, managing chronic illnesses, or simply need additional medical supervision.


Key Components of Skilled Nursing Care

The biggest feature of this type of care is that it’s delivered by registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. Nurses work in shifts, helping to ensure 24/7 supervision if it’s necessary. This type of care also helps patients to regain function and independence, often with the help of specialists like occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and more. Patients may need this type of care for a short period of time or they might need longer-term assistance.


What Is Home Care?

Home care is a different type of care altogether. This is assistance for seniors who need a little extra support with tasks like personal care, activities of daily living, household tasks, and more. Elder care providers can be a huge support for seniors who want to age in place. At first, seniors may not need a lot of extra help, but as their needs change, they may start to need more and more support.


Key Features of Home Care

Home care assistance offers flexible scheduling, whether that means alternating days or stopping by for only a few hours a day. Care providers offer companionship while they also help with tasks that require assistance. Some seniors may only need companionship, and caregivers can spend time with them, alleviating loneliness and keeping them from feeling isolated. Above all, home care providers are there to offer hands-on support with tasks that are becoming more challenging for aging adults.


The Big Differences

It can help for families to look at the biggest differences between the two types of care when making their decisions. Skilled nursing care involves more comprehensive medical care, whereas home care focuses on non-medical assistance. There may be situations where both types of assistance are necessary, however.

While each of these care types have some very specific benefits, it’s important to remember that skilled nursing care at home is primarily for medical needs. It can help seniors to stay home instead of having to leave their homes to get the medical care that they need with their health issues. Making the right choices about what care seniors need can feel like a big decision, but getting as much information as possible can really help simplify the process.


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