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Tips for Getting Your Senior More Active for National Senior Health and Fitness Day

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Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA Staying active is a critical part of keeping your aging loved one as healthy as possible as they age in place. May 31 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you to work with your parent to boost the physical activity in your parent’s routine so that they are able to gain the benefits of staying active, including keeping their weight down, supporting healthy joints and muscles, and reducing the risk of a wide variety of health complications and issues.

For many seniors, the idea of “exercising” can be intimidating. They may think that it will be too strenuous or that they will not enjoy it. Fortunately, organized exercise such as aerobics classes are not the only means of getting your parent active on a regular basis. Getting creative and seeing the value in all of the activities that they do can help you to boost their activity in a way that is accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for your senior.

Use these tips to get your elderly loved one more active for National Senior Health and Fitness Day and throughout the rest of your care journey with them:

  • Explore the neighborhood. Walking is one of the most beneficial and most accessible forms of exercise available. Encourage your elderly parent to get out and explore their neighborhood regularly. Walk down different streets, take the time to look at gardens, enjoy holiday decorations when they are up, or give yourself a goal distance and explore until you reach it.
  • Volunteer. Just because your senior does not enjoy formal exercise does not mean that they do not enjoy any form of activity. Volunteering is a great way for them to get their mind and their body active on a regular basis. Cleaning up a park, planting trees, or helping with a food bank keep their body healthy while also giving them a mental and emotional boost.
  • Dance. Many experts believe that dancing is the most effective form of exercise because of all of the different benefits it offers. Dancing encourages the use of all of the muscle groups and joints throughout the body, promotes balance and range of motion, and can support more social engagement on a regular basis.

Starting elderly care for your aging parent can be one of the best ways that you can support your care efforts and goals. An elderly home care services provider can work with you to design a highly personalized set of services that are tailored to your loved one’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations, but also their personal goals. This helps them to achieve and maintain a higher quality of life as they age in place, and to pursue a lifestyle that is as fulfilling and independent as possible. When it comes to helping your senior get and stay more active, this care provider can be a valuable source of support. They can work with your parent to find activities that your loved one enjoys and then provide safe and reliable transportation so that they are able to participate in these activities as a normal part of their routine.

For more information about how the caregivers at La Jolla Nurses Homecare can help your aging parents remain in their own homes, call 858-454-9339. We are a home care agency providing quality and affordable senior care in Pacific Beach, CA, and the surrounding communities.

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