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Personal Care at Home Advice for Hair Loss

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Senior Hair Loss: Personal Care at Home La Costa CA
Senior Hair Loss: Personal Care at Home La Costa CA

National Hair Loss Awareness Month is a time set aside to raise awareness of the realities of hair loss. Here are five facts you should know about hair loss in older adults.

Over Half of Older Men Have Hair Loss, But It Affects Women, Too

When it comes to hair loss in adults aged 65 or older, 53% of men are affected while 37% of women experience it. With either gender, it can impact self-confidence.

Hair Loss Isn’t Solely on the Scalp

Hair loss on the scalp is usually the easiest to see, but hair loss can also happen with nose hairs, eyebrows, and the hair on the legs. Sometimes, it’s caused by friction from wearing things like socks or pants that rub on the calves all day.

Older Adults Usually Have One of Four Conditions Leading to Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia, erosive pustular dermatosis, frontal fibrosing alopecia, and senile alopecia are the leading causes of hair loss in older adults. What does each of those mean?

  • Androgenetic alopecia: It affects 80% of men and 50% of women and occurs when hair follicles shrink.
  • Erosive pustular dermatosis: This is the least common of the four main causes of balding in older age. It’s caused by a skin condition that forms thick yellow or yellow-brown scabs and pustules, which impact the scalp tissue.
  • Frontal fibrosing alopecia: This is most common in postmenopausal women and involves hair loss in the eyebrows and frontal hairline. It’s believed that hormonal changes cause it.
    Senile alopecia: The typical onset for this form is from age 50 onward and involves a change with hair becoming much smaller in diameter and length.

Deficiencies in Biotin, Iron, Protein, or Zinc Can Trigger Hair Loss

Lacking some nutrients, including iron and zinc, can cause you to shed hair faster than normal. Most people lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you’re experiencing certain types of nutritional deficiencies, it can make this worse. A healthy diet can help protect your scalp and hair health.

Treatments Can Help

Science continues to advance, so there are several options to help restore hair growth or prevent additional loss. Topical lotions, prescription medications, corticosteroid injections, and laser treatments are all options.

Your mom’s hair care routine can help with the hair loss she’s experiencing. She needs to carefully wash her hair and scalp using gentle products and conditioning after she shampoos. If she’s finding it hard to reach up and properly wash her hair and scalp, personal care at home services can help.

Arrange personal care at home to ensure your mom is washing her hair without pulling or scrubbing too harshly. Instead of using heat to dry it, air drying is best. Leave-in conditioners also help.

For more information about how caregivers at La Jolla Nurses Homecare can help your aging parents stay in their own homes, call 858-454-9339. We are a home care agency providing quality and affordable Personal Care at Home in La Costa, CA, and the surrounding communities.

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