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Low Impact Senior Exercises That In-Home Care Can Help With

Senior Exercise: In-Home Care Solana Beach CA
Senior Exercise: In-Home Care Solana Beach CA

Everyone should be exercising a few times a week. It is one of the best ways to maintain weight and stay active as a senior. You may not think your elderly mom or dad needs to worry about exercise, but the truth is, if they want to age in place and remain as independent as possible, they need to focus on movement. But how do you help your parents choose the right exercises, especially when you know they can’t do everything they used to? Here are some easy ways to help your senior loved one choose what exercises to do.

Always Talk to a Professional

Your senior loved one may need to talk to a physical therapist or their doctor to find the right exercises they need to do. This can be one of the first steps your loved one takes and often the most important step. Your loved one may need a team of professionals to help manage their lives and health. Their doctor may be able to recommend a good therapist who has worked with seniors or specializes in the elderly. Your loved one may need to see a physical therapist twice a week or even once a month to understand how their bodies work and what exercises they need to do to build strength. Once you have talked to a professional, in-home care can help ensure that a senior is doing exercises at home regularly.

Ensure The Workouts Are Convenient

One of the most important ways to choose an exercise is choosing it based on convenience. When they were young, they may have been more willing to go to a specialized gym to rock climb or kickbox. But now, both options are so inconvenient, and they may not even be able to do those exercises. When someone is recommending exercises, make sure that it is easy for your senior. Your senior will need the right space, supplies, and when it’s easier, they are more likely to do it. If your seniors can do the majority of their exercises at home and only go out to a physical therapist once a week, they are more likely to stick with a low-impact routine. In-home care can help drive your senior loved one to their appointments, making it less hassle.

Ensure The Intensity Can Be Increased

Your senior loved one will start at the bottom, but each workout should be easy enough to increase volume and intensity. If your loved one starts with no weights, ensure they have two or five pounds they can work up to. Every good workout plan should have phases your senior can work up to. Of course, no matter what, your loved one should be listening to their bodies. Even if they work up to five pounds, they always have the option to go lower.

Keep Them Accountable

One of the best ways to ensure your loved one is still doing low-impact exercises is to make it fun and hold them accountable. In-home care can help remind them every day they need to work out and help them make it fun. This is a great way to help them take their health responsibly.

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