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Home Care Advice on Avoiding Elderly Falls

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Fall Prevention: Home Care San Diego CA
Fall Prevention: Home Care San Diego CA

Whether it’s a slippery floor or a rug on the surface, a simple accidental fall can change the life of an older adult. If you or an older person falls, the risk of breaking a bone is usually the start of serious health complications. Regardless of how severe the fall is, you are not alone. A professional home care service understands how severe the falls can be to people over 65 years and help with daily activities to mitigate such scenarios.

Many older adults have fallen before avoiding day-to-day activities like walking, attending social functions, or shopping. However, working with a reputable home care professional improves your overall health and lowers the chance of falls in the future. Here are tips industry experts recommend to help you minimize the risk of falls and subsequent fractures and broken bones.

Stay Physically Active

A proven way to mitigate falls among older people is to remain active. Although this is easier said than done, hiring a home care service for help ensures customized regular exercises for your loved one. Studies show regular exercises help maintain flexible and healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments. At the same time, it may not seem like much, but mild weight-bearing tasks like climbing the stairs or walking may mitigate bone mass loss from osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones, increasing the risk of breaking.

Balance and Strength Training

Many exercises focus on balance and strength, such as Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. In addition to these effective muscle-building and balancing tasks, lifting weights or using resistance bands has positively enhanced strength among older people. However, consulting a reputable home care service is critical in ensuring the exercises are suited for your loved one to prevent further injuries and permanent immobility.

Fall-Proof Measures

When you are responsible for caring for an older adult in your home, it is advisable to fall-proof the premises. These are adjustments to your home’s layout to help avoid falls and enhance the overall safety of the premises. Effective fall-proofing measures include installing handrails, proper lighting, keeping walkways tidy, and avoiding throwing rugs on small areas.

While the list is not limited to the ones listed, these tips can guarantee the well-being of your loved one. You can also consult a home care professional for advice to determine the effectiveness of a particular preventive measure based on the older adult’s condition.

Use Assistive Devices

In the event of a prior fall or other forms of injury, assistive devices can help with movement and prevent falls. The medical practitioner can recommend using a walker or cane and ensuring it is the right size for your loved one. Although walking support equipment is helpful, hiring a home care expert goes a long way in ensuring safety and enhancing the overall well-being of the older adult.

Falls are often the main reason for trips to the emergency room and hospital admissions among older adults. Schedule a consultation today with a reputable home care service and help your loved one avoid falls and subsequent risks like fractures and broken bones.

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