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Designing a Safe and Comfortable Home for Seniors with Dementia

Ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one with dementia. Find out how to adapt your home for effective 24-hour home care.
24-Hour Home Care: Dementia Safety in La Jolla, CA
24-Hour Home Care: Dementia Safety in La Jolla, CA

How to Create a Safe Space and Home for a Senior With Dementia

When you start caring for your loved one, you may wonder what you need to change. You may not need to change much about your house to ensure they’re properly cared for. On the other hand, if you are asking your loved one to move in with you to allow them to age in place and they have developed Dementia, you may need to change certain things to ensure they are safe. Here are some tips that may allow you to better care for your senior loved one.

Hire 24-Hour Home Care First

One of the best things you can do is find a provider who can be around when you are not. Dementia develops over time and is a progressive disease. There is no cure yet, and it can cause your loved one to have issues that you may not be able to handle. If they are up in the middle of the night, you may not be able to provide care for them, or if you work full-time, they may need to have someone watch them while you are gone. This can be one of the biggest changes you implement in your household, but having professional 24-hour home care will help you and your senior loved one find new happiness and a new routine to help everyone. Dementia is often scary, but with the right help from a team of professionals, it can be managed.

Give Them Their Own Space

Before asking your loved one to move in, ensure you have the space. Many seniors want to age in place, but this may be too challenging. If you are asking them to move in with you, ensure that they will have their room, bathroom, and space to live. You should also ensure there is enough room for 24-hour home care to move around and help them when necessary. If your space is too small, it may be better to allow your loved one to age in place but with round-the-clock help.

Create a Simply Environment

Whether or not they stay in their house or they move in with you, you need to take the time to simplify their environment. This means getting rid of clutter that can be harmful or cause them to fall when in the way. If your loved one doesn’t use certain things, eliminate them! They may have old books or magazines lying around, which can be more harmful. If you don’t want to throw books away, store them or donate them to a used bookstore.

Enhance Lighting

No matter what disease your loved one is battling, low lighting can be dangerous, especially for those who suffer from Dementia. Having better lighting can make things feel more secure and allow your senior loved one to get around easier. Sometimes, a senior with Dementia sees things in low light or suffers from hallucinations, so one way to keep that minimized is by enhancing your home’s lighting.

Make Their Space Their Own

You may have enough room for them to be in your home, but you must focus on making it theirs and ensuring they are comfortable. It can impact their energy and feelings towards being home and even receiving care if it doesn’t feel like their space.


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