Homecare in La Costa CA: Senior Fatigue
14 August 2019,

If your senior is experiencing fatigue, she might not feel like doing all of the regular activities that she loves to do. Other areas of her life might suffer, too.

She Might Be Too Stressed

Stress can contribute to fatigue. You might think that your elderly family member shouldn’t be feeling too much stress, but that’s a common misconception. Your senior can be worried about her health, her future, and even how you’re going to continue being a caregiver. Finding healthy ways to address her stress can be incredibly helpful.


Breakfast Really Is an Important Meal

It’s really common for people who dislike eating breakfast to avoid it for almost their entire lives. But all of those people who talk about breakfast being the most important meal are onto something. Your senior’s body needs fuel in order to keep running and if she’s feeling fatigued during the day, adding a healthy breakfast to her morning can help to reduce that. If thinking about or cooking breakfast is something she finds too complicated, then it might be a good idea for elderly care providers to take over cooking duties for her.


Rest Is Crucial

It sounds counterintuitive, but your senior might be experiencing fatigue because she’s doing too much and not allowing herself to rest the way that she should. How and when your senior rests matters, too. If she’s taking long naps late in the day, that might make sleep more difficult overnight. Resting when she’s feeling fatigued, even for a few minutes, can help her to get a second wind.


Regular Exercise Helps

If your senior doesn’t already exercise regularly, she might want to consider starting a routine. Regular exercise helps her to maintain muscle tone, improves mood, and can help her to improve her energy levels, too. Always make sure to talk to your senior’s doctor about what types of exercise she should do and whether exercise is okay for her to start.


She Needs to Drink Plenty of Water

One of the symptoms of dehydration is that your senior might feel fatigued. Often even having a glass of water can boost your senior’s energy levels in a way that she notices. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how much water is right for her. Those old recommendations about “eight 8-ounce glasses per day” aren’t always accurate for everyone.

If your senior is still experiencing fatigue, there might be more going on. Talk to her doctor about what else could be causing your senior to feel the way she’s feeling.


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