Duties of Registered Nurses (RNs)

Medication Administration: 

  • Administer medications via most routes.  This includes pre-pouring medications.
  • Administer all IV medications and fluids.  May also calculate and adjust IV flow charts
  • Use infusion pumps

Patient Care: 

  • Perform initial patient care plans
  • Perform initial or ongoing periodic patient assessments
  • Catheterize a patient
  • Administer tube feedings
  • Perform stoma care
  • Perform glucometer tests
  • May apply heat and cold
  • Suction and care for tracheostomy tube
  • Change sterile dressings
  • Perform bowel/bladder irrigation
  • Perform other diagnostic and therapeutic nursing procedures
  • Initiate and maintain written care plans for individual patients
  • Educate and instruct patients, patients’ families and staff
  • Perform some personal care and household duties, as necessary.

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