We provide all skill levels for San Diego in home care, depending on your needs.

An RN Supervisor will provide a Plan of Treatment and will oversee every case.

ljn3What is Homecare?

As a home care agency, we provide quality, cost-effective care to seniors in the privacy of their homes. We provide a full spectrum of services, ranging from high-tech nursing to non-medical assistance with the activities of daily living. We offer the home care San Diego residents count on including services that allow our patients to shorten the length of their stay in a facility or avoid going there altogether. With nearly 40 years of experience serving the San Diego area, our agency has stayed true to its vision: To provide quality, dignified care to seniors in the comfort and security of their own homes.

What are the benefits of Home Care?

Home care is a popular choice for many. It constitutes one key factor in an overall Aging in Place plan that can help seniors remain happy and healthy, enjoying their retirements in their own homes. With the advent of new medical procedures, portable technology, skilled staff and caring home care aides, many health services now can be effectively administered in the warmth and security of the home. Please continue to read for a list of benefits that home care provides:

Home care leads to speedier recoveries: Data suggests that patients recover more quickly at home because they are not susceptible to life-threatening infections and other complications that occur in 20 percent of hospital patients.

Home care is preferred by most: Nine out of ten people say they prefer home care over institutional care.  Home care helps people stay independent, keeps families together and combines efficiency and compassion with the latest in health care technology.

Home care has a role in all stages of health care: Home care touches all stages of life.  It can be post acute care following a hospital stay or a serious illness, long-term care for an individual with a disability or an elderly person needing help or in declining health, hourly shift care for a medically fragile infant on a ventilator, or end-of-life care for a terminally ill patient.

Home care makes good economic sense: Because home care allows people to receive treatment and services in the home rather than institutions, the services are very cost-effective.


We offer all levels of services from Caregiver/Personal Aide level to Highly Skilled RNs:

Caregivers – We provide caregivers, personal aides and companions for help in Activities of Daily Living, housekeeping, shopping, companionship, escort services, personal care, safety supervision, respite care for families and more.

Licensed Vocational Nurses – We provide LVNs for all of the caregiver services plus LVN skilled duties.

Registered Nurses – We provide RNs for all of the caregiver and LVN services plus skilled duties of an RN.