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In-Home Care For Seniors Can Care For Their Pets, Too

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One of the biggest concerns that seniors have when they are considering aging in place is what will happen to their pets. Many seniors worry about being able to walk their dogs, scoop litter boxes, and make sure that their pets get the level of care they’re used to. As they get older, seniors may have a hard time taking care of pets who need constant care. Pets who have special needs or medical conditions of their own that require medicine or special foods can be challenging to look after. An in-home care provider can help with each of these tasks.

Seniors and their families should know that in-home care for seniors also can include in-home care for pets. Seniors don’t need to worry about pets and they don’t need to give up their pets to stay in their homes. Here are some of the things that in-home care providers can do to help seniors care for their pets.

Shop For Pet Supplies

Shopping for pet supplies can be challenging for seniors because often it involves lifting heavy items like large bags of pet food or large containers of cat litter. Then those items must be loaded in a car, unloaded at the house, and put away.

Seniors may not have the strength to grapple with large or heavy containers of pet supplies. They also may not be able to shop often for smaller sizes. An in-home care provider can do the shopping for pets, or go shopping with your senior parent to make sure the items are safely loaded and unloaded.

Clean Up After Pets

Cleaning up after pets is just part of the process of having pets. And of course pets are worth it, because they bring a lot of light and love and joy to seniors. But cleaning up after dogs or cleaning a cat’s litter box can be very difficult for seniors. Stooping over and then straightening up over and over can be physically too much for seniors.

Those who have arthritis or poor grip strength may not be able to easily use a scoop or handle a dog waste bag. With in-home care seniors have the support they need to make sure that their pets are cleaned up after the right way every day.

Take Pets To The Vet

Pets need regular vet care, but driving a pet to the vet can be difficult for seniors. Seniors who don’t drive need to make special arrangements to take a pet to the vet since most cabs and rideshares don’t allow animals in their cars. They also may be unable to put their cat in a carrier or help their dog get in and out of a car. But with help from a care provider seniors can be confident that their pet will get the vet care it needs.

Make Sure Pets Are Fed

Seniors need their sleep, but it can be tough for seniors to get that sleep if pets are clamoring to be fed and waking them up very early every morning. When an in-home care provider is the one feeding the pet every day, the pet will let their senior owner sleep because their food will be given to them by the care provider.

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