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How Senior Home Care Can Help a Senior With Parkinson’s

Parkinson's is a progressive disease that may worsen as seniors age and needs constant senior home care from doctors and other professionals.
Care at Home La Jolla Nurses Homecare San Diego CA
Care at Home La Jolla Nurses Homecare San Diego CA

Some seniors require extra help when aging in place due to various factors associated with aging. Physical limitations, such as reduced mobility or chronic health conditions, can make everyday tasks challenging. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease that may worsen as seniors age and needs constant care from doctors and other professionals. Parkinson’s is not a painful disease, but it can be something that is so frustrating to work around. Home maintenance and safety modifications might be required to accommodate changing needs, making assistance from senior home care or community services crucial for ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment. Here are some of the best ways that senior home care can help a senior with Parkinson’s.

They Can Help a Senior Change

Some seniors who have Parkinson’s may have shivers, tremors, or severe shaking that can cause problems when doing things. These are not usually painful, but they can make it much harder to do everyday things like getting dressed. Many seniors may find modified clothing where they don’t have to zip or button anything up, but if you notice your mom or dad struggling, you should always offer them help. However, many seniors will not want to rely on their adult children because this is a vulnerable position. They are still your parents, and they may feel more comfortable hiring someone to help them. Senior home care is one of the best ways for them to feel less of a burden and help them feel in control of their own life when they choose who their caregiver is.

Bathing is Easier with Senior Home Care

There are various levels of Parkinson’s. Some seniors may need help with the entire bathing process, like help with cleaning their body and hair. Other seniors may need help getting undressed and into the tub, and that’s it. When you hire senior home care, they will provide a customized care plan, and they will also understand that a seniors need may change as a disease progresses or as they age. Most senior home care is flexible and will help your loved one with whatever they need without judgment, ensuring there is no fear. If you notice your senior is not bathing as much as they should be, it’s time to find the right senior home care.

Senior Home Care Can Help a Senior Move Around

Seniors with Parkinson’s may have a really hard time moving around. It can be a struggle to stand, walk, or even hold things. If your senior is having a hard time doing things like laundry or cooking, senior home care will help them do light chores to maintain their home and independence. Your loved one may want to age in place, and it is possible with the right help set in place. Your loved one will need to have a routine in place to remain healthy. It’s time to ensure your senior mom or dad can cook and clean and do everything they need to thrive while living at home.

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