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Companion Care at Home Fun Activities For Fall

We’ve got some great examples of activities that she can attend on her own, have her companion care at home provider bring her to
Companion care at home fun outside La Jolla CA
Companion care at home fun outside La Jolla CA

Fall is a fickle season. It can last a few weeks to a couple of months depending on temperatures, rain, and wind. It’s a season that’s beloved by many because of its warm days and cool nights. The humidity is gone in most parts of the country, making fall one of the best times of the year to be outside. The vibrant colors and intoxicating smells of fall also invite all ages to come out and enjoy the fresh air before those long winter months hit.

If your elderly loved one is looking for some enjoyable ways to enjoy all that fall has to offer, we’ve got some great examples of activities that she can attend on her own, have her companion care at home provider bring her to, or if you’re fortunate enough to live nearby and have the time, she could come along on your next family fall outing.

Pick out the Perfect Pumpkin

It is the time of year when pumpkin patches seem to suddenly spring into life all around you making you wonder how did you never see them growing there all summer. With orange and black banners, hay bales, and maybe a scarecrow or two, they welcome all ages to come in, pick a pumpkin, and maybe enjoy the festivities. Your elderly loved one probably has decades of memories of picking out the perfect pumpkin to bring back home to carve and decorate her home. There’s no reason she shouldn’t still do that. While carving a pumpkin might be too strenuous for many elderly folks, have her companion care at home help her carve out the shapes she desires from the pumpkin, or if she’s more artistic, they could paint faces on the pumpkins.

Hop on a Hay Ride

Nothing says fall more than a hayride through the woods and over the hills. There may not be a better way to experience the glorious sites of fall leaves in oranges, yellows, and red, as well as inhale that wonderful smell of fallen leaves and the forest as it prepares for colder days. Whether it’s during the day or evening, make sure your loved one dresses appropriately with good shoes that can grip while walking on pieces of hay, and a warm jacket for the breeze that’ll be kicked up as you wind through the autumnal landscape.

Take a Sunday Drive

Pick any day of the week for a leisurely Sunday drive through back roads bathed in fall colors. Many states will have a map on their DNR website that lists where fall colors are peaking each week so your loved one can choose a route that’ll provide the best views of autumn in all its glory. If possible, leave the driving to someone else, like her companion care at home provider, so your loved one can simply sip on her hot apple cider and enjoy the scenery as they cruise slowly through scenic bypasses.

Fall is a fantastic time of year to build up core memories together as you celebrate the season.

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