Respite Care in San Diego CA: Tinnitus
4 December 2020,

Tinnitus might be something your aging family member never had to deal with in the past but is suddenly facing regularly.
Tinnitus is that annoying ringing or buzzing in the ears that might occasionally interfere with your senior’s life if it’s bad enough. There’s not really a cure, because tinnitus isn’t itself an ailment.


Tinnitus Defined

If your senior complains of “phantom” sounds in her ears, like ringing, buzzing, or hissing noises, that’s tinnitus. Mild versions of tinnitus may be very soft and may only show up periodically. If your elderly family member is dealing with a more severe case of tinnitus, then it’s likely that she’s experiencing constant noise and the volume may be quite loud. Some people might describe tinnitus as keeping time with the beating of their heart, which lends credence to the belief that it’s related to circulatory issues.


What Causes Tinnitus?

The most common reason for people to experience tinnitus is after a loud noise, like live music concerts. But tinnitus can show up for other reasons, too. If your senior has too much earwax, she might experience tinnitus. Other causes could include blood pressure issues, injuries to the ear or head, or even nutritional deficiencies. Because the range of possible causes is so big, it’s difficult to treat this condition.


Dealing with the Effects of Tinnitus

Most people who experience tinnitus on a consistent basis find themselves frustrated very often. The noise can be very annoying, especially if it’s loud. Lots of people try to “drown” the noise by turning up the volume on everything else that they can control. This can have a rebound effect, though. White noise machines help some people, but not everyone. Eating a healthy diet may be able to reverse any nutritional deficiencies that contribute to tinnitus.


Treatment Options for Tinnitus

If your elderly family member’s doctor can find a cause for her tinnitus, treating the problem may be easy. Wax can be the simplest cause because your senior’s doctor can remove the excess wax for her. Otherwise, your elderly family member may find herself trying a variety of different treatments to see if any of them cause her to get any relief. This can be a long process, especially if your elderly family member’s doctor is having a tough time narrowing down the cause of her tinnitus.

If tinnitus seriously hinders your senior’s hearing, it can be helpful for her to have a caregiver in San Diego with her when you can’t be there.


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