Home Care Services in Pacific Beach CA: Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
14 June 2018,

During Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, there’s no better time to figure out if your aging mother would benefit from having a pet cat. Many family caregivers find that their aging relative is happier and healthier when they have an animal companion, and adult cats are particularly well-suited for senior citizens.


Seniors Have Emotional and Physical Needs

With age comes a number of physical and emotional changes. As the body becomes frailer, elderly adults can’t do the activities they once did. Illness and injury can leave some seniors homebound or even bedridden. Many elderly adults must depend on a family caregiver or senior care provider to help with even the most basic tasks, like housekeeping and grooming.


Another thing that seniors often discover is that they are quite lonely and starved for touch and affection Many of their family members have moved away or even passed on, leaving them lonely and sometimes depressed. Even with an elder care provider and family members about, they are missing that level of daily companionship. All these are reasons why your aging relative might benefit from owning a cat.


How Cats Can Benefit Seniors

-Studies show that elderly people who own pets are happier and healthier than those who do not. Keeping a pet cat stimulates their mind and their bodies to the point that the senior adult enjoys a better quality of life. But how do cats really benefit seniors?

-Interacting with a cat can be very therapeutic for elderly adults. Petting soft fur reduces stress and relieves anxiety. Having a cat in the house means that the aging adult is never lonely because they have a constant companion. Even though the senior might have a family caregiver and a senior care provider, the cat is someone who depends on them for a change, empowering the elderly person immensely. The loving companionship that an adult cat provides is second to none.

-Taking on the responsibility of a cat means that the aging adult has a purpose and it is meaningful. Feeding, watering, playing and cleaning up for the cat gives seniors daily interaction with their pet, and they will be rewarded by the cat’s life-long devotion. Seniors can do most of the care themselves, and then ask the family caregiver of senior care provider for help with things like veterinarian visits.

Adopt a Shelter Cat Instead of a Kitten

Seniors aren’t the only ones that benefit from Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Adult cats are less likely to be adopted because many people want the cute kittens first. However, an adult cat is ideal for elderly people because they aren’t destructive and energetic. Adult cats already know how to use the litter box and are content to snuggle for most of the day. Also, adult cats only need about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise and play each day, and an elderly person can do this via a ribbon, fishing pole toy or another fun cat toy.

There’s no better time to visit the nearest shelter and find an adorable adult cat for your elderly relative than during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

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