Interracial senior friends walking on lawn
3 August 2022,

August is National Golf Month, and seniors who haven’t played before should take advantage of this month to learn more about golf. Golf is one of the best physical activities for seniors. It’s low impact, but it’s also a full-body workout and an excellent way for seniors to socialize. If your senior loved one is interested in learning more about golf, or if they have played a little bit of golf but want to get better at it, these tips from golf experts will help your senior parent up their golf game:

Do Core Exercises

A strong core will help your senior loved one twist when hitting the ball, follow through with a swing, and carry and hold their clubs. Most golf experts recommend that everyone do core workouts to help their golf game, especially seniors. Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises like yoga or pilates are fantastic core workouts. Seniors can also walk to get a good core workout and build up their stamina to have an easier time walking around the golf course. Home care can help seniors work out at home to improve their golf game.

Get Expert Advice Choosing Equipment

Did you know that some golf clubs are better for seniors than others? It’s true. And some golf balls are better for seniors to use as well. Regular golf balls are designed for faster play and more brutal hits, so seniors can benefit from using particular golf balls designed differently. That’s why getting an expert’s advice on the type of clubs, golf balls, and other equipment your senior loved one should use is so important. Talk to the experts at the local golf course, and they should be able to help your senior loved one choose the right equipment or point you to someone that can.

Dress For The Weather

Golfing is something your senior loved one can do most of the year, if not all of the year, depending on the weather where they live. But seniors need to dress for the climate and the weather because playing a round of golf means they will be outdoors for several hours in all kinds of weather. Wearing sunscreen is a must. And wearing layers of light clothing is also a good idea so that your senior parent can add or subtract layers based on the weather. They should also carry a jacket just in case they get cold. Home care can help seniors dress appropriately to play golf.

Invest In Some Lessons

The best thing that a new golfer can do is invest in some lessons from a professional. That way, they are starting with correct knowledge and form. It’s always best to avoid bad habits like having lousy posture or not swinging correctly, so starting with lessons will give them the correct information they need to learn how to play the right way. Lessons from a professional will also help your senior loved one adjust their stance and equipment for their unique medical needs.

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