Elder Care in La Jolla CA: Senior Hearing Loss
25 January 2019,

Hearing loss is something that your senior might find frustrating.
At first, it might be easy for her to compensate for her hearing loss by turning up the volume on things around her. But eventually, hearing loss can actually become a danger for her in a variety of ways.

She May Be More Prone to Injuries

When your elderly family member can’t hear well, there may be some situations in which she’s more likely to get hurt because she didn’t hear something. Driving can also be difficult for her, which is something that can affect her and other drivers. If your elderly family member does become injured because of her hearing issues, she might stop doing as much as she did in the past.

Her Brain Operates Differently

Sounds are captured by your senior’s ears, but it’s her brain that actually takes those sound waves and translates them into the sounds that she hears. So if her ears aren’t capturing sounds properly, her brain is working in different ways to try to make sense of what she is hearing. When she’s hearing only parts of sounds, her brain is expending a lot of effort on that and perhaps not as much on other functions.

Some Portions of Her Brain Might Stop Working

In fact, some parts of your senior’s brain might stop working completely. These portions of the brain aren’t getting the input that they need in order to process that information normally, so they aren’t able to do what they’ve always done. Some researchers believe that there’s a link between Alzheimer’s disease and hearing loss, which is another reason to get your senior’s hearing corrected quickly.

She Might Start Isolating Herself

If your elderly family member doesn’t hear well, it’s probably becoming more and more difficult for her to interact with other people. She may become frustrated with herself and with other people. She can also become worried that other people are getting angry with her. Those feelings can cause her to withdraw and then spend less and less time around other people in a social setting.

Working with elder care providers can help your senior not only deal with aspects of her existing hearing loss, but they can also let you know if they’re spotting signs of additional hearing loss. With their help, you can make sure that your elderly family member gets the hearing testing that she needs to maintain her overall well-being.


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