Senior Care in La Jolla CA: Senior Hydration
5 June 2020,

Older adults may not drink as much water as they should. The goal for a man is around three liters. Some of that water comes from the foods people eat, the rest is in the coffee, juice, water, and other beverages people enjoy.

Doctors say the goal is to drink enough that you’re flushing your kidneys out regularly. Urine shouldn’t be dark yellow, it should be pale in color. If your dad isn’t staying properly hydrated, it increases his risk of a UTI and can impact the health of his organs, too. These tips make it easier to entice him to consume more water.


Use Natural Flavoring

If your dad simply doesn’t find the lack of flavor appealing, add it. A slice of lemon, a few drops of vanilla, or some frozen blueberries will add a little extra to his glass of water. In the morning, fill a pitcher with frozen strawberries and top it off with water. Make sure your dad drinks that throughout the day.

You could also fill mason jars so that he has a variety to choose from. Fill one with lemon slices, one with mint, and another with frozen mango slices.


Serve Foods With a High Water Content

Instead of trying to get him to drink extra fluid, serve your dad foods that contain a lot of water. If he likes melon, serve him melon cubes as snacks. Berries, celery, and oranges are other water-rich foods. Keep a bowl of fruit salad with grapes, watermelon, strawberries, and mango in the fridge for quick and easy snacks.


Make Healthier Popsicles

Blend water or seltzer with frozen berries and bananas. Put that mixture into popsicle forms. When your dad is outside and wants a snack, bring him a popsicle with a glass of iced tea. He won’t think of the popsicle as being a way to stay hydrated.


Keep Iced Tea on Hand

If juice and water aren’t appealing to him, make a pitcher of herbal iced tea. You don’t have to worry about the caffeine content, but he’ll have the tea he wants. You could make an iced tea with dried peaches, lemon balm, and mint.

Should herbal tea not appeal to him, there are decaf black teas out there. Make him a black tea with a slice of lemon and a natural sweetener like stevia or agave syrup.

Call a senior care agency and ask about the services caregivers provide that keep your dad hydrated. He could have a caregiver stopping by each day for an afternoon tea. He can have a caregiver available for meal and snack preparation. All of that can help ensure he hydrates himself.


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