Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA
22 March 2016,

Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA

Senior Care in Pacific Beach CAMost seniors and caregivers are aware of type 2 diabetes and what it is.  Since it is a condition that is becoming more and more common among Americans, more awareness is being spread and the public is becoming more educated about it.  The precursor to type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, is a diagnosis that isn’t as well-known, however.  Here is some useful information for seniors and their caregivers about prediabetes and what do to when this, sometimes scary, diagnosis is made.

What is prediabetes?

Almost all people who eventually develop type 2 diabetes will develop prediabetes first.  Seniors with prediabetes will have a blood glucose level that is elevated above normal, but is not quite high enough to qualify as diabetes. Doctors will diagnose a patient with prediabetes usually after they discover these elevated glucose levels on a test for diabetes. Prediabetes doesn’t usually have symptoms, so many seniors may have it but not know it. For this reason, regular screenings for diabetes are important, especially if the doctor recommends them. After receiving a prediabetes diagnosis, it is important for seniors to be screened for type 2 diabetes once every two years.

Does prediabetes automatically lead to type 2 diabetes?

The good news is that it doesn’t. Many seniors with prediabetes can get their blood glucose levels back to normal and never develop type 2 diabetes. For many, prediabetes is a “wake-up call” and a great motivation to take better care of their health. Seniors with prediabetes can make several lifestyle changes to lower their risk of ever developing type 2 diabetes or to delay it. One way to reduce type 2 diabetes risk is to lose weight. Research shows that losing as little as 7% of total body weight can significantly cut a seniors risk for diabetes. In addition, exercising for 30 minutes a day can both help seniors control their weight and lower their diabetes risk. Aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking, and/or cycling can be particularly effective. Another way seniors with prediabetes can cut their diabetes risk is by changing the way they eat. Eating a healthy diet consistently is essential to bringing blood glucose levels back the normal range. Seniors with prediabetes should make an effort to reduce their intake of sugar, sodas, and highly-processed foods and replace these foods with whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and lean protein.

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