Homecare in Coronado CA: Senior Care
19 September 2018,

It’s time for your mom and dad to have a caregiver helping out. You and your siblings are at odds. You all want what’s best for your parents, but you each have different ideas of what that means. You’re struggling to agree on anything, and the conflict is wearing thin. Here’s what you need to do.


Sit Down With Your Parents

Find out where your mom and dad need the most help. Go through the activities of daily living. Ask your parent how comfortable they are doing each of them. See if they have medications and remember how to take them. Find out if they still cook meals and can safely drive.

Using a checklist of daily activities, you can find where your mom and dad need help from a home care professional. This can make it easy to determine how often a caregiver would be needed. They may only need a caregiver to stop by once a week to do laundry or take them shopping. They might need daily care.


Create Pros and Cons Lists

Each sibling needs to write out the senior care plan they feel is best. As a group, sit down and discuss the pros and cons of each plan. Once that is done, look at each care plan. Are there any that have a decidedly longer list of cons than pros? If so, that’s a good plan to set aside.

After setting aside care plans with the most cons, go back over them and look at the pros. Are there any ways to incorporate the positives of that plan into another plan that had more pros than cons? If you can, add them.

Once you have gone over all the plans and merged any plans together that seem to fit, go back over them. See if any more pros or cons can be added. Take those plans to a neutral party like a religious official, family doctor, elder care social worker, or family friend. Ask for their input.

Eventually, you’ll be able to narrow the care plans down to one that is a mix of everyone’s ideas. This mix should have mostly pros and very few cons.

Make Sure Everyone is Involved in Interviews

If you’ll be interviewing caregivers, make sure everyone is involved. They don’t have to be present for the interview, but they should be able to get answers to questions they have. Have them draft a list and record, if possible, or jot notes when the caregiver answers each one.

Once you’ve made the decision, call a senior care agency. An expert will listen to your needs and help you choose the best services for your mom and dad. You can ask questions and learn more about senior care pricing. Contact a specialist today.


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