Elderly Care in La Jolla CA: Grocery Shopping During COVID-19
15 May 2020,

Some states are starting to ease restrictions. Others are tightening them or have still not set any. No matter where you live, you have to use care when grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. You do not want your parents to contract the virus.

How do you safely grocery shop during the pandemic? Many stores have limits designed to keep you from stocking up and emptying shelves. If you can’t buy in bulk for your mom and dad and have to make weekly or bi-weekly grocery trips, use these tips to avoid contracting the virus.

Order Online for Curbside Pick-Up

Order groceries online and arrange curbside pick-up or grocery delivery. Grocery delivery isn’t available in all areas, but it’s worth checking. This keeps you from having to leave your home and risk exposure to others.

If you have to arrange a curbside pick-up, park in the designated area and let the store know you’ve arrived. Store personnel will bring your order to your car. Some will even load it into your trunk to prevent you from having to get out of your car.

Switch to a Meal Subscription Box

Instead of going to a grocery store, your mom and dad could use a meal subscription box to get meals. The box is delivered to their home and contains recipe cards and all ingredients needed to prepare those meals.

If you pair a meal subscription box with online orders of other supplies like paper towels, cleaners, and clothing, your parents will have everything they need. They don’t have to risk their safety by going to a store and hoping they don’t get the virus from someone.

See if Area Farms Are Delivering

Some farms have switched to deliveries to area homes. Your parents leave out a cooler and order milk and dairy products online. The items are delivered to the home and placed in the cooler for your parents to bring inside. You can also get homemade bread, baked goods, and vegetables this way.

Have Caregivers Run Errands

You can have caregivers run errands for your parents. Caregivers can stop and get groceries and prescription refills before heading to your parents’ house. Again, it keeps your parents at home and out of stores and pharmacies.

Learn more about the services caregivers provide. During the pandemic, you can have caregivers helping your parents with meals, housekeeping, and online interactions. Caregivers can set up and assist your mom and dad during video chats. They can make sure your parents avoid unnecessary trips by making sure socialization continues from the safety of their living room.


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