Elder Care in La Costa CA: Diabetes Management
13 December 2019,

While diabetes can be delayed, if your elderly loved one already has diabetes, it is important to talk about how to properly manage it. There are many approaches that can be taken to help with diabetes management. Your loved one’s doctor will recommend certain things, some that might be included in the list here today.


Nutritional Eating and Weight Control

Two of the best tips for managing diabetes in your elderly loved one are nutritional eating and weight control. Your loved one should work with their doctor to see how much carbohydrates, protein, and fat they should have in their diet. From there, you or their elderly care providers can help them to create meal plans that fit those specifications. With nutritional eating, your elderly loved one can pay more attention to their weight, and possibly lose weight, as well.


Physical Activity

Research shows that physical activity and exercise will help to lower one’s blood sugar levels and to help with weight management, too. While your elderly loved one should talk to their doctor before they begin any exercise regimen, it should be noted that physical activity is always recommended for those who have diabetes. Most likely, their doctor will recommend they exercise regularly to help properly manage their diabetes.


Quit Smoking

Smoking is dangerous for anyone, especially those who have diabetes. Research shows that those who have diabetes and who smoke have an increased risk of complications from smoking. Smoking can also cause Type 2 diabetes, as well. If your elderly loved one is currently a smoker, it is best to help them quit. There are many programs and medications that can help someone to quit smoking. You can also talk to their doctor to see what process they recommend to help your loved one quit smoking.


Take All Prescribed Medications

There are different medications that might be prescribed to help someone manage their diabetes. If your elderly loved one’s doctor prescribes any sort of medications, prescription or over-the-counter, to help manage their diabetes, you should be sure they are taking everything as prescribed or as recommended. If you can’t be there to assure your elderly loved one is taking their medications, you can have their elderly care providers do this.


These are some of the best tips for diabetes management in your elderly loved one. Remember, if they don’t have diabetes yet, but they are at a high-risk for diabetes, these tips are also recommended to help prevent diabetes. If your elderly loved one already has diabetes, make sure they are following these tips regularly to assure the best management of their diabetes.


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