Caregiver in Pacific Beach CA: Senior Memory Loss Tips
19 January 2018,

It’s not unusual at all for an aging family member to have a few memory lapses and suddenly start to worry that something worse is going on. Whether it’s a temporary memory issue or a more serious condition, you and your aging adult can tackle this problem together. What you need most is some information.


Take a Deep Breath

If all that you and your senior have right now are worries about her memory issues, you need to take a deep breath first. Until you do some more research, you don’t really know what’s going on. After you’ve gathered more information you can make a more informed decision about what to do next.


Assess What’s Really Going On

Listen to what your senior is describing as the problems she sees with her memory trouble. From there, you may be able to piece together a good bit of what she’s thinking the problem is and how she’s feeling about it. This is valuable information that can help both of you when you head into her doctor’s office.


Get a Doctor’s Opinion

Now that you’ve got a feel for what’s going on, and possibly some observations of your own, it’s time to talk with your senior’s doctor. He can run some tests, ranging from physical tests to memory and problem-solving tests. The results of those tests can help him to determine if there is something to really be concerned about or this is a situation that is manageable.


Make Educated Decisions Based on the Data

As with any situation, once you have collected the data, you can start to make some educated decisions about what to do next. Changes to your elderly family member’s diet or sleeping patterns could be all that needs doing. Many people jump to the worst case scenario when in reality, simple solutions would work perfectly. The bottom line is that you finally have a plan and you can put it into motion.

If there’s no reason for your senior to worry, she may still have a tough time relaxing about her memory. You might find that hiring elderly care providers to spend time with her can help her to feel less concerned.


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