24-hour Home Care in San Diego CA: Lung Disease
7 January 2022,

24-hour Home Care: When your senior is diagnosed with a serious lung illness, that affects more than just her ability to breathe.

Your senior’s entire life is affected, and how you function as her caregiver can also change more than you realize. Finding the best ways to support your senior and yourself is of utmost importance.  Hiring 24-hour Home Care can be a great way to keep an eye on your senior’s health.

Get as Educated as Possible about the Condition

There are a variety of different lung diseases that could affect your senior, but they all share one big fact. The more that you know about the lung disease that your senior is facing, the better you’ll be able to prepare for the challenges ahead. Talk with your senior’s doctor and do as much research as you can about what is going on.

Learn Your Senior’s Limits and Help Her to Stay within Them

When your senior can’t breathe well, that affects what she can do on a daily basis. Understanding your senior’s new limits and what she’s able to continue doing is important. For starters, you need to know what her limits are. But you also need to be able to help your senior to honor her boundaries herself. That can sometimes be difficult, especially since her limits may change from one day to the next.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out for Additional Help

Lung diseases take a lot out of the people who have the illness, and they also take a lot out of the people who help with caring for the person who is sick. If you wait to ask for help, that just makes it harder on everyone involved. Bringing in 24-hour home care providers before you’re overwhelmed is an important step. Home care services can offer assistance in ways you may not even realize you need it.

24-hour Home Care: Get Support for Yourself, Too

Part of that whole taking a lot out of the family caregiver issue means that you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. 24-hour home care providers offer respite care for you that enables you to keep being a family caregiver. That’s a lot more important than you might realize at first. As caregiving becomes even more demanding, you’ll have even more reason to have assistance.

Lung disease is a serious diagnosis. Helping your elderly family member to follow her care plan and to conserve energy whenever possible is extremely important in making sure that she’s able to have the best possible quality of life.


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