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22 July 2022,

Your mom’s goal has always been to live the rest of her life in her current home. It would be best if you encouraged it. Here are six reasons your mom should maintain her independence as she ages with some home care assistance.


She Feels Like She’s Valued

When your mom is independent and able to do things for herself and others, she’ll feel valued and has value to offer to herself and others. Because she feels useful, she’s less likely to feel depressed or unnecessary.


It’s Good for Her Mental Health

Being able to do things for yourself is vital for mental health. When you get older, depression is a possibility, especially if you’re diagnosed with a chronic health condition or experience limited mobility due to severe arthritis pain.

If your mom maintains as much independence as possible, even if it means having a helping hand now and then, your mom’s mental health improves.


She Has a Sense of Purpose

By being independent and taking care of many of her own care needs, your mom feels that she has a sense of purpose. She’s still a robust and vital woman who can do things around the home and when it comes to self-care.

For example, your mom has gardens to maintain. You helped her plant too much, and she plans to donate the excess produce to the local food shelf. She has a sense of purpose that keeps her active and engaged while promoting independence as she grows her food.


She Maintains Better Memory and Cognitive Skills

The more your mom does for herself, the more she works on her memory and cognitive skills. Something as simple as following a recipe and making a loaf of banana bread can help exercise the mind.


It Helps Her Stay Mobile

When your mom has the support to maintain independence, she maintains mobility. She may need a helping hand to do some tasks; she’s free to do others independently. She’ll be energized knowing she can do things for herself, so she keeps trying to be active.


She Builds Relationships

When your mom is independent, she has better self-esteem and self-confidence. That is often all it takes to feel encouraged to maintain relationships with others. She can go outside to her gardens or go for walks, which makes it possible to talk to neighbors and walk to friends’ houses for social events.


How Can You Help Your Mom Maintain Independence?

Hire home care assistance to help your mom stay independent while living at home. She doesn’t have to stay isolated or struggle with every household chore. With a helping hand, she’ll be able to maintain independence and avoid having to move. Call a home care assistance specialist to learn more.


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