12 June 2015,

Innovative Home Care in La Costa CA

Home Care in La Costa CAIntroducing home care into your care plan with your elderly loved ones is a wonderful way to ensure your parents have the care, assistance, and companionship they need to stay active, healthy, and happy. Entrusting another person with the care of your seniors, particularly if you have been their sole caregiver for an extended period of time, can be intimidating. You love your parents and want to know they are not only getting the level of care they deserve, but that they are, and feel, safe and secure when you are not with them.

Integrating home and personal technology into their home care plan can give you peace of mind and help your seniors feel more confident as they get to know their caregiver and throughout their care journey. There are various forms of technology that can help your loved one take more control and feel more independent. Try some of these ideas to enhance their home care with technology:

  • Keypad entry. If you are not going to be home when the caregiver arrives, your parents are going to be asleep when they arrive or leave, or your parents are not comfortable or capable of answering the door, the care provider will need a means of entry into the home. This usually means giving her a key. If your parents or you are uncomfortable with the idea of the care provider having a key, consider keypad entry. This system utilizes a special code that when inputted into the pad unlocks the door. The door then automatically locks again when it closes so no one has to worry about locking the door when the caregiver enters or leaves
  • Surveillance cameras. Even if your parents are capable of answering the door safely, they may feel nervous about letting someone they do not know into the home. Having a surveillance camera at the door allows them to check the stream on their computer so that they can see the care provider before opening the door. If they do not feel comfortable doing this themselves, you can check the stream from your phone remotely and then instruct your parents to let the care provider inside
  • Smartphones. Keeping your parents informed about their care activities is important for maintaining a routine and reducing anxiety. Giving your parents smartphones allows them to stay in touch with you and with their care provider easily. The care provider can text message or call your parents when she is on the way to the home so they know to expect her, and your parents can connect with you throughout the day to ask questions or just feel more secure. Smartphones also offer a wide array of apps that can help your parents stay organized, offer reminders, and provide mind-stimulating entertainment that can be valuable in situations such as waiting in traffic or sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s appointment. One of the most valuable features of smartphones, however, is the integrated GPS. As long as your parents have their phones, they can be tracked, helping them stay safer.

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