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23 December 2022,

How many errands does your dad run each week? For most people, grocery shopping, trips to collect packages or buy stamps at the post office, and visits to area businesses to pay bills, drop off donations, or purchase household supplies are all common errands. If your dad cannot drive himself around town, he relies on you and other family members on errand days.

This is starting to become a problem. He has things to do all week, and you’re at work. You keep using your personal days, sick days, and vacation time to help him, but it’s not something you want to keep doing. Carefully plan errands to avoid missing a lot of work.

Keep a List

Keep a list of the errands your dad needs to complete each week. Once you have that list, you can plan where he needs to go. If you have it planned out, you’ll save time as you can make the stops in a logical order instead of going to one side of town, driving to the next, and then realizing you need to go back to where you started.

If your dad needs his prescriptions refilled and you’re not near that area, your brother could pick them up since he works in the area. It saves time and reduces one errand from your list.

By creating a list, you also can estimate how much time you need to complete everything. If there are more chores than you can reasonably do in one day, you need to delay some or ask others to help. It may be time for a caregiver who can help your dad run errands during the week.

Save Errands for Weekends When Possible

When it’s possible to stack up stops on a weekend day, you won’t have to miss work. It’s not always going to be possible as some businesses are only open during the week. For businesses that are open on weekends, you can combine your dad’s errands with the ones you’re ready planning to run on the weekend.

Compare Prices Online for the Best Deals

Some items might cost less if you order them online for delivery to your dad’s home. When he’s on a fixed income, saving money is important. With many stores offering free shipping if you meet the required minimum purchase, shipping will not add to the cost.

Hire Home Care Aides to Help Out

Home care aides can help your dad run errands. You can focus on your job and let the caregiver take your dad to area businesses and complete his weekly errands. This eases your stress and frees up your time.

If your dad needs help with his errands, don’t think you’re the only option. Home care aides can help him on errand days. Talk to a home care agency’s advisor to learn more about the services, prices, and schedules.

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