Walking: Senior Home Care Pacific Beach CA
19 May 2023,

May is National Walking Month and now is the perfect time for seniors to make it a priority to start walking every day. It can be tough for seniors to walk every day, especially if they don’t really enjoy exercise, but with a little determination seniors can make it a habit to walk every day. Daily walking is a very healthy habit that will help seniors stay in shape and keep their independence as they get older. Many seniors struggle to get into the habit of taking a daily walk but senior home care can help motivate them.

Walk At The Same Time Each Day

One of the best ways to make walking a daily habit is to walk at the same time each day. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it us, Walking at the same time will get seniors into the habit of going for a walk at that time each day. Seniors are much more likely to take a daily walk if they’re used to walking at a certain time. After a week or so of walking at the same time every day your senior parent will automatically want to go for a walk at that time each day because it’s become a habit.

Wear Walking Clothes To Bed

An interesting way to get seniors to walk more is to have them wear clothes they can walk in to bed. That way they don’t have to change clothes in the morning in order to go for a walk. Your senior parent will be able to just get up, put on a jacket, and go. They should also leave their socks and sneakers by the door so they always know where a clean pair of socks and their best walking shoes will be when they get up and want to go for a walk.

Walk Before Breakfast or After Dinner

Two of the best times for seniors to go for a walk are before breakfast and after dinner. After dinner is a good time for seniors to walk so that they can get in some movement before day, walk out stiffness or stress from the day, and burn off some of their anxiety. Seniors who are morning people may prefer walking before breakfast so that they can start their day with some brisk movement.

Seniors with senior home care can come home from their walk to a breakfast all ready for them so that they don’t have to wait to eat.

Record Daily Walks On A Calendar

Marking off a big X on the calendar for each day walked will help seniors stay motivated to keep walking every day. Studies show that humans like patterns and like to create patterns. When your senior parent makes an X on the calendar every day after they walk they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment and they will want to keep walking to keep feeling that feeling each day.

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