Senior Care in San Diego CA: COPD Stages
25 February 2021,

Unfortunately, there are many senior citizens that are diagnosed with COPD.

There are many things that can cause this condition and it can be minor to complex. If your elderly loved one has COPD, there are many things that you should learn about the stages of this disease. By learning all you can about these stages, you will know what you and senior care providers should do to help you’re elderly loved one.

Stage 1 – Mild

The first stage is mild. Sometimes, people don’t have any clue they even have COPD. They might cough up a bit of phlegm. Most people just say they have allergies. However, even if this is the only thing that your elderly loved one is experiencing, they should have their doctor take a look. It could be COPD. During this stage, chiropractic services, acupuncture, and cellular therapy might help to ease the symptoms.

Stage 2 – Moderate

During the second stage of COPD, the symptoms are usually moderate. Your elderly loved one might be coughing up more phlegm than they did early on in the disease. They may feel that their airflow is constricted more than it was, too. Usually, in this stage, the patient’s lung capacity is only between 50-79%. Even if your elderly loved one does minor physical activities, they may feel out of breath. During this stage, most patients need medications to help them breathe easier. They may need pulmonary rehabilitation, as well.

Stage 3 – Severe

During the third stage of COPD, your elderly loved one will have worsened symptoms. It will become very difficult for their lungs to function. Your elderly loved one might be out of breath all the time. They may also feel very fatigued. During this stage, your elderly loved one won’t be very active. They will also need regular doctor’s appointments. The doctors will likely prescribe medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, and other treatments to help your elderly loved ones breathe as best they can. You may need to hire senior care providers in San Diego, to help care for them at this point.

Stage 4 – End Stage

During stage four of COPD, your elderly loved one’s lung function is only around 30% at the most. They will need oxygen. Most daily living activities will be impossible on their own. During this stage, most senior citizens have senior care providers in San Diego, in their homes day and night.


If your elderly loved one has COPD, these are some of the things you need to know about the different stages of the disease. You can find out from your senior’s doctor what stage they are in and what all you need to do for them.


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