Senior Care in Pacific Beach CA: Know Your Limits
20 November 2020,

Limits and boundaries tell you a lot when you’re a family caregiver. They can help you to be the best family caregiver that you can be and they help you to understand when you’re trying to do too much.


You Can Only Do So Much Physically

You have physical limitations that you’re aware of and some you’re not as aware of, too. For example, you may know that you can lift boxes that are around 30 pounds, but do you know if you can lift your senior if you need to? The physical limitations you may not think about as often have to do with your own health. Does stress cause your blood pressure to rise higher than it really should? Or do you have old injuries that flare up?


There Are Also Emotional and Mental Limits

Speaking of stress, there are mental and emotional impacts of stress, too. If you’re someone for whom stress tends to leave you feeling scattered, then you’re going to need systems in place to help you to both reduce your stress and avoid that scattered feeling. Some family caregivers find that talk therapy is also helpful. Caregiving is hard in a lot of ways and finding ways to cope is really important.


Knowing Your Limits Keeps You from Burning Out

It’s so important to find your limits because you need to avoid burning out as a family caregiver. That helps no one, starting with you and including your senior. You have to look at the situation from a wider perspective. Is there someone else who can step in if you have to stop being your senior’s caregiver? And even if there is someone else who can take over, do you have the time and space you’ll need to recover? These are vital questions.


Get Clear about Your Limits and Find Solutions

When you understand what you can do and what you can’t, you can set reasonable boundaries in place to protect your limits. Talk to your senior’s doctor and to your own. Find out what your senior’s needs are now and what they’re likely to be in the future. Consider bringing in senior care services now. They can help you to test out your limits and ensure that your elderly family member is in good hands while you do just that.

Your own limits may change depending on your health and the other obligations you’re dealing with in your life. But if you ignore them, that’s going to cause much bigger problems.


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