Senior Care in La Jolla CA: Senior’s Bladder Health
2 October 2020,

Keeping your senior as healthy as possible means focusing on health issues you might not have thought much about in the past. If your senior’s bladder isn’t functioning as well as it used to, that can impact many other areas of her life and her health. These ideas can help.


Hydration Is Really Important

One of the first things you can do to help your senior to take care of her bladder and her entire urinary tract is to keep her well hydrated. When your senior isn’t properly hydrated, it’s more difficult for her entire body to move waste through her system and get it where it needs to go. And in her bladder and kidneys, proper hydration allows her body to process and to flush away that waste.

Water Is Best

The bottom line is that hydration is best with water. But that can be a hard sell for a lot of people. Your elderly family member may have never enjoyed drinking plain water and that’s understandable. But some of the things she’s drinking instead, like coffee or juice, can be problematic in other ways. Increasing your senior’s water intake, say by a glass a day, is a fantastic option. It’s also good to include more hydrating foods in her diet, like vegetables, fruits, and even soups.

Regular, Relaxed Bathroom Visits Help

If your elderly family member has issues with bladder infections or with incontinence, scheduling bathroom breaks is a great idea. First, this ensures that she’s getting to the bathroom regularly and flushing out her bladder. If your senior is not getting cues from her body that she needs to go, this helps her to avoid accidents. It’s best not to rush these bathroom breaks or to make a big deal out of them. Let your senior take her time and don’t worry if you “miss” a bathroom break or if you run late for them now and again. The key is to develop a routine.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

Your senior may have other health issues that factor into bladder health and there might be some specific symptoms or signs you should be watching for that indicate a problem. There may also be some other things your senior needs to do on a regular basis in order to keep her bladder as healthy as possible. Getting information about that now helps you to put together a plan.

Having home care providers available while you and your senior work out her bladder care routines can be important. They can support her while she’s making some of these changes and you’ll know she’s go the help she needs.


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