Senior Care in Coronado CA: Corns on Your Seniors Feet
28 May 2019,

Corns are really common, but they can become painful. They’re thickened, raised areas of skin usually found around the areas of your senior’s feet and toes that rub up against her shoe. Corns are a type of callus, but they can become so painful that walking is a problem for your elderly family member.


Make Sure Her Shoes Fit Properly

One of the biggest reasons for foot problems is that your senior’s shoes don’t fit her properly. Shoe sizes do change over time and your elderly family member’s feet may be wider, longer, or flatter than they’ve been in the past. That means that squeezing into shoes that are the wrong size can do a lot of damage. Find the right shoe size and then you can go from there.


Corn Pads Really Can Help

Lots of people laugh at corn pads, but they really can help. These are those small donut-shaped squishy pads that have adhesive on one side to stick to your senior’s foot. These work so well because they provide cushioning so that the corn doesn’t experience more irritation. Avoid the ones that have medication in them, because that can create contraindications with medications she’s already taking.


Toe Spacers Can Be Helpful

Some people find that as they’re compensating for pain and pressure from a corn, their other toes wind up squished together. That’s where toe spacers can be really helpful. As the corn itself heals and becomes less of an issue, it’s important that the rest of the foot is getting back to its normal placement, too.


Other Home Remedies Might Work, Too

There are some other tips and tricks your senior might use, too. Lotions, petroleum jelly, and soaking in warm water can all soften a corn. Pumice stones can help to reduce the size of the corn. These techniques should all be used carefully, though. Never use anything that shaves or cuts the corn off because that can lead to infection. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the best way to handle a corn so that you don’t create additional issues for your senior.


Elderly care providers can help your elderly family member to develop a foot care routine that resolves problems like corns before they become a seriously painful issue. They can also help you to stay aware of what’s going on with your elderly family member’s feet, which can make solving issues so much easier.


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