Respite Care in San Diego CA:
8 January 2021,

It is a great idea for all senior citizens to do regular, low-impact exercises.

Low-impact exercises help to reduce stress and pressure on the joints. They also stimulate and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This is just the start of how these types of exercises can benefit your elderly loved one. One of the types of low-impact exercises that your elderly loved one might enjoy is water aerobics. Learn more about how water aerobics can benefit your loved one today.


Keeping Cool

It is quite easy for the elderly to overheat when they are exercising. As someone ages, their body’s ability to regulate their own temperature isn’t as good as it used to be. With this being said, it would be a good idea for your elderly loved one to try out water aerobics. This type of exercise will keep your loved ones cool when they exercise. At the same time, it will still increase their blood flow and boost their cardiovascular system.


Training the Body

Does your elderly loved one need to train various parts and systems in their body? If so, one of the best ways to do that is with water aerobics. These types of exercises can help to train your loved one’s balance, muscles, heart health, and breathing. For many elderly people, most exercises are too intense. However, water aerobics are light but beneficial.


Burning Calories

Does your elderly loved one need to lose weight? Even if they don’t necessarily need to lose weight, they do need to manage their weight. Everyone needs to keep their weight at a healthy level. One of the things that can help your elderly loved one to lose weight or manage their weight is water aerobics. This type of exercise is a great way to burn calories. If your elderly loved one does water aerobics regularly, they can burn the number of calories needed to reach their goal weight.

Working Out Various Muscle Groups

Did you know that water aerobics works out various muscle groups at the same time? If you want to help your elderly loved one to work out their entire body during one exercise session, you or their elderly care providers should get them into water aerobics.



Many water aerobics classes are done in groups. If this is the case for the water aerobics that you or the elderly care provider in San Diego takes your loved one to, they can socialize. This is very important for the elderly. It can be a lot of fun for your loved one, too.



These are just some of the ways that water aerobics can help your elderly loved one. If your loved one needs to find a way to exercise regularly, without it being too difficult, water aerobics could be the solution.


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