Companion Care at Home in San Diego CA: Companion Care Preparation
22 June 2022,

Your mom needs help around the home. She struggles with activities that used to be so simple for her. While you assist her as much as you can, you have a job and family responsibilities of your own. Companion care at home is a solution that helps your entire family ensure your mom gets the very best care. How do you make arrangements and help her prepare for her first day of care?


Gather the Family

Gather the family for a pot-luck lunch where your mom and other close family members give input on the things that could help your mom maintain her independence. Think of everything from help with meals to having rides to medical and dental appointments.

Others may have free time and can help with some things on your mom’s list. Your sister may want to be the one to take your mom grocery shopping each week since she’s already going for her own household supplies. Your brother may want to help your mom pay bills.

Keep notes on who wants to help and when they’re available. As you build a care plan, you’ll know when your mom has help and when she needs it.


Make Her a Big Part of Decision-Making Discussions

When you’re helping your mom figure out who can help her with daily chores like meals, dishes, housekeeping, and exercise routines, she needs to be part of that decision. Make sure she’s involved.

Let her ask questions, even if you think it’s not that important. If it’s something she wants to know, it goes onto the list of things to ask a companion care at home expert.


Be Present If Needed

Promise your mom that for the first few days someone will be in her home. She may feel more comfortable working with a new caregiver if she knows you or another family member are in her basement family room working. If there are issues or questions that arise, you’re close by to address them.

As she gets used to her new caregiver, you can run errands for a few hours. See how that goes. Soon, you’ll be heading to the office for a full day. Your mom will gain confidence as she adjusts to having a caregiver helping out.


Have Your Mom Nearby When You Call or Fill Out an Online Form

When you go online or call to start making arrangements, have your mom nearby. As you get answers to questions and learn more, she may have additional questions. Ask them.

Call a companion care expert to learn more. You’ll get answers regarding the availability of services and current prices. Talk to a companion care at home advisor to start arranging the services that your mom needs.


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