Personal Care At Home in San Diego CA: Cancer
6 July 2022,

If you have a senior parent that is receiving cancer treatment you may have increased caregiver duties while your senior loved one is in treatment. If your senior loved one is receiving outpatient treatment and they are at home when not actively receiving treatment you will have to manage the household tasks as well as take extra care of your senior loved one. It can be a lot for a family caregiver to try and take on all of that. Would personal care at home help?

Here are some tips that you can use to make it easier to care for a sick parent with cancer at home:


Get Help With The Tasks That Are Too Hard For You

As a caregiver, you have a lot of responsibilities, and some may be awkward or uncomfortable. It’s ok to get help to deal with tasks that are too much for you. Many adult children of seniors find it difficult to help their senior loved ones with personal care tasks like showering, toileting, or getting dressed. And personal care at home can be even more difficult when your parent is sick from cancer treatment. You can get personal care at home for your senior loved one from trained providers who know how to safely and compassionately help your senior parent with sensitive tasks. Let them help.


Make Sure You Take Time For Yourself

Caregiving is physically and emotionally draining. It’s essential that family caregivers take some time for themselves on a regular basis. If you have a sibling who can share the caregiving duties take time off when they can stay with your senior parent. Or get respite care from a professional home care agency so that you can go do something for yourself and get out of the house for a while. You need to take that time for yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call The Doctor

If your senior loved one doesn’t seem right, or if they are getting sick a lot, or if your gut just tells you that something is wrong call their doctor or the hospital right away. Don’t wait to see if it gets worse or not and don’t second guess yourself. Time matters when your loved one is sick from cancer treatment so it’s much better to call and get medical help right away if you think that something might be really wrong.


Consider Getting Home Health Care

Home health care is different from home care. A home health care provider is a medical professional who can monitor your senior loved one’s vital signs and check on them medically while they recover. It’s a great idea to have a home health care professional stay with your senior loved one when you can’t be there, like overnight, so that if your senior loved one does have a medical crisis the home health care provider will notice it right away and get your senior loved one the help they need.


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