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5 November 2021,

Personal Care At Home: Is your elderly loved one feeling a bit lonely these days?

Maybe, they feel that they aren’t really connecting with their family. Does your elderly loved one have grandchildren? If so, building on the bond with their grandchildren would be a great way for them to feel less lonely and more in touch with the family. There are many great grandparent-grandchild bonding tips that you or personal care at home providers can share with your elderly loved one.

-Video Calls

One of the best ways that your elderly loved ones can bond with their grandchildren is through video calls. There are so many different video calling apps and most of them are quite easy to use, as well. However, if your elderly loved one can’t figure out how to use them, you or a personal care at home provider can help them to call their grandchildren or answer phone calls from them.

Some things that would be great for your elderly loved one to do while on these video calls include:

  • Reading books to their grandchildren or having their grandchildren read books to them.
  • Both eating a snack and just talking
  • Watching a show together

Share these video calling ideas with your elderly loved ones to see which ones they would be interested in doing with their grandchildren.


-Mailing Letters

Most of the younger generations send all their messages via instant messenger or Facebook. However, it may be a fun experience for them to actually mail letters to their grandparents. It would be kind of like a pen pal. They could send letters to your elderly loved one (their grandparent). You or a personal care at home provider could help your elderly loved one to send letters back to them if they need help.


-Creating Photobooks

Another great way for your elderly loved ones to connect with their grandchildren is by creating photo books together. They can invite their grandchildren over and go through boxes of photos. If the grandchildren have photos that were posted online, these can be printed off and put in the photobooks, as well. Creating photo books together can be a great time for your elderly loved ones to share stories and just have a good time with their grandchildren.


Personal Care At Home: Conclusion

Does your elderly loved one want to connect more with family? Are they feeling lonely? If so, the above-mentioned ideas are great ways for your elderly loved ones to improve the bond they have with their grandchildren. These ideas can allow both your elderly loved ones and their grandchildren to share moments from their lives together, too.


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