Signs Your Parent Might be Suffering Joint Pain

13 October 2017,

Home Health Care in LaJolla CA: As a family caregiver, you never want to think that your aging loved one is suffering from any sort of pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, the prevalence of bone and joint pain in elderly adults is rather high, with many older adults living with conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis, that can lead to such pain.

Can Multiple Sclerosis Cause Itching?

5 October 2017,

Caregivers in Coronado CA: People with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience a wide array of symptoms, such as strange sensations. They might feel tingling, pins and needles, or a burning feeling. Many people with MS experience a terrible itchy feeling that happens suddenly and can be quite intense.

Tips for Selecting Footwear to Reduce Fall Risk

28 September 2017,

Elder Care in Pacific Beach CA: Reducing fall risk should be an important part of the care approach for any family caregiver. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for senior adults throughout the United States.

Home Care Services Pacific Beach CA: Preparing Your Senior For A Life With Cancer

Preparing Yourself for the Experience of Being a Caregiver for a Senior with Cancer

21 September 2017,

Home Care Services Pacific Beach CA: If you are considering becoming a family caregiver for your elderly parent as they deal with cancer, it is critical that you take the time to prepare yourself for all of the challenges and issues that you might face during this experience. 

Elderly Care in Coronado CA: Elderly Driving Tips

Do You Criticize Your Loved One’s Driving While She’s Actually Driving?

12 September 2017,

Elderly Care in Coronado CA: When you’re concerned about your loved one’s driving, you might be tempted to mention what you see as you’re seeing it. But you might be making the situation much worse for both of you by using this tactic.

Homecare in LaJolla CA: Preventing Falls For Your Senior

Preventing Falls in Your Parent’s Bathroom

7 September 2017,

Homecare in LaJolla CA: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that each year around 235,000 people in the United States suffer from serious injuries in their bathrooms. This makes the bathroom the most dangerous room of the house for non-fire related injuries, particularly among senior adults.

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