In-Home Care in San Diego CA: The Flu and Diabetes
31 December 2021,

In-Home Care: There are numerous ways that the flu and diabetes can worsen each other.

If your elderly loved one has diabetes and they get the flu, it is very important that you or your in-home care provider knows what to do to help them. There are also ways that you can help your elderly loved one to prevent the flu, so there is less of a chance that they have to deal with these worsening issues.

The Flu Shot

One of the ways that family caregivers can help to protect their elderly loved ones that have diabetes is by taking them to get the flu shot. Research shows that the flu vaccine is quite effective. Not only can it help to prevent the flu, but it can limit complications that someone might have if they do get sick from the flu. In addition, if someone with diabetes were to get the flu, it could really complicate things. Many diabetics end up in the hospital for quite a while when they get the flu. Others don’t survive it. If you can’t take your elderly loved one to get the flu shot, you can always have an in-home care provider take them.

Plan for Any Sick Days

There are going to be times when your elderly loved one gets sick if they have diabetes. Regardless of whether it’s from the flu or another health problem, it can and often does happen. It can throw a loop in everyone’s day if there isn’t a set plan for what will happen if your elderly loved one gets sick. There are many ways that you can plan for sick days. One of the best and easiest options would be to have your elderly loved one’s in-home care providers take over their care.

Keeping Hydrated

Whenever anyone is sick, one of the best things they can do is to stay hydrated. Illnesses run rampant on a person’s immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and on their overall well-being. If your elderly loved one has diabetes and they get the flu, it is very crucial that you and the home care providers are reminding them and getting them to drink more water or to stay hydrated in other ways. It may not seem like much, but staying hydrated can prevent your elderly loved one from getting even sicker.

In-Home Care: Conclusion

There are numerous complications that can arise if your elderly loved one is a diabetic and they get the flu. However, to help prevent some issues from happening, your elderly loved one’s doctor may recommend they get the flu shot. You or an in-home care provider can take them to get the vaccine. If your elderly loved one does get the flu, making sure they have the proper care and stay hydrated can go a long way in helping them to recover.


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