In-Home Care in San Diego CA: Parkinson’s Disease
1 July 2022,

Your dad has Parkinson’s disease, and you’re doing everything you can to make sure he stays safe and has the help, such as in-home care, he needs. These six tips cover the most important things to do to help your dad stay in his current home.

Reduce Fall Hazards

Start by going through your dad’s home and reducing all fall hazards. Remove decorative rugs that could slip when he steps onto them. If he needs a walker or cane, he needs to have rugs that could snag the legs of whatever mobility device he’s using.

In the bathroom, you want to have a shower that your dad can easily walk into or access with a wheelchair. A shower seat is essential. Add grab bars and non-slip shower mats if the flooring is slippery when wet. Plus, a raised toilet will be easier for him to use.

Create Nightly Sleep Routines

Make sure your dad has a set routine for bedtime. Sleep is essential in the management of Parkinson’s disease. He needs to aim for a minimum of seven hours a night.

One way to help him get enough sleep is by establishing a routine where he goes to bed at the same time. He should read for an hour or so to tire himself out. Before going to sleep, have a white noise machine or fan that he can use to stop traffic or other outside noises from waking him up.

He should avoid water before his usual bedtime. This way, he’s not as likely to wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom.

Get Plenty of Daily Exercises

Daily exercise is important. Someone needs to be available to join your dad for walks down the road or around the yard. If he struggles with that, a pool for swimming laps is a great idea. You may want to purchase a membership at a community pool to ensure he has the chance to swim each day.

Cook Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Nutritionally balanced meals are another goal to add to your list. If you can’t cook meals for your dad, arrange for a home care aide to do it. He needs plenty of protein for muscle health, calcium for bone strength, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

Join Your Dad at His Doctor’s Appointments

Ask to join your dad at his doctor’s appointments. You can hear what the doctor has to say and keep track of some of the things your dad should be doing but doesn’t. Your dad’s likely going to feel stressed knowing he has Parkinson’s, and that stress can keep him from remembering all that his doctor tells him. You can take notes and remind him.

Make Sure Medications Are Taken On Time

Your dad’s doctor will prescribe medications to help him stay as healthy as possible. Make sure he takes them on time by offering him medication reminders. If you’re not around enough, a caregiver can provide the reminders he needs and make sure he takes them.

If you’re not close enough to spend time helping your dad out every day, hire in-home care services to make sure he’s supported. Caregivers can stop by, help him out, and let you know how it went. Call an in-home care expert to get started making the arrangements.


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