Home Health Care in La Costa CA: Caregiver Sleep
1 June 2018,

Sleep gives you a chance to rest and reset your body and your mind, but when you’re not sleeping well everything is more difficult. This isn’t ideal when you’re a family caregiver, so you might need to try some of these ideas.


Talk to Your Doctor First
Sleep disorders are something that tends to get overlooked quite often. And if you’re like most caregivers, you’re not necessarily going to see your doctor as often as you should. That can mean that you have some significant issues affecting your sleep that you could get help for so that you can turn those issues around.


Add Some Activity to Your Day
You might think it’s crazy to add even more activity to your already crazy day, but this activity needs to be in the form of a little more exercise. Moving just a little bit more can help your body and your brain ease over into sleep a little more readily. Exercise can also improve the quality of your sleep.


Check for Some of the Same Culprits as You Would for Your Senior
If your aging family member weren’t sleeping well, you’d probably start checking for problems such as caffeine too late in the day, naps that are too long, or eating a big meal before trying to sleep. It’s time to look at your own habits a bit and see if any of this applies to you.


Take Advantage of Naps
Naps done right can be incredibly helpful for you. This works best if your elderly family member takes a regular nap throughout the day. Start taking a nap when she does and hopefully this can bolster the sleep you’re already getting. Be careful not to sleep for too long or to take naps too late in the day or you’ll negate the good effects.


Get Respite Help
A frequent cause of sleep problems for caregivers is that their aging adult interrupts their sleep overnight. If that’s the case for you, then respite help might be exactly what you need. Home care providers can take over the evening shift for you so that you’re able to sleep and they’ll handle whatever comes up. Then in the morning, you’ll be refreshed and know that your senior was in good hands while you got the rest you need.
If you’re consistently not getting the sleep that you need, you’re going to run yourself into exhaustion. You have to find the combination that isn’t working well for you and tweak it to get it where it needs to be.


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