Home Care Services in San Diego CA: Senior Exercise
5 February 2021,

Just because your senior has dementia, that doesn’t mean that she’s not able to exercise on a regular basis.

As long as her doctor agrees that she’s physically able to move a little more, some of these ideas can help your elderly family member to get some more movement in every day. Exercise can help with moods, help her to sleep better, and improve challenging behaviors, like wandering.


Start Taking Walks with Your Senior

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to start doing with your senior, and it doesn’t require any sort of special equipment or movements from your senior. This can be a fantastic way for your elderly family member to burn off excess energy and to get out in fresh air, too. Taking a walk a day can be an excellent habit for both you and your senior to get into.


Have Dance Parties Together

Having a dance party is another fun way to help your senior to get some movement in. The best part is that your senior can participate even if she has trouble standing or walking. She can sit or stand, safely supporting herself on someone or on a walker, and move the parts of her body she feels comfortable moving. This can be a lot of fun, especially if you put together playlists of your senior’s favorite songs.


Incorporate Movement into Everyday Activities

Something else to consider is incorporating movement into things that your aging family member already does. You can do chores together, stretching in between. This can be a great way to help your elderly family member to feel included in what’s happening around her, too.


Stretch Together

It’s really important for your elderly family member to stretch her muscles regularly, especially if she’s not moving as much as she really should be. Gentle stretches are easy to do along with your senior and they can help you both. Simple yoga stretches can help with both flexibility and with balance. Once you find routines that your senior likes and is able to do easily, that can be something that you do together every day.

If you’re not able to help your senior to exercise as often as you’d like, it might be helpful to hire a caregiver in San Diego CA, who can help her with these activities. They can be there with your senior and guide her gently into moving a little more often.


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