Home Care Services in Coronado CA: Senior Care Help
18 September 2020,

Recovery after a long illness, stroke, surgery, or other health issue is often less stressful when it happens at home. Studies have found that quality of life improves for some older patients when they do rehabilitate at home. How can senior care services help with her recovery at home?


Medication Reminders

With senior care aides stopping by, your mom has someone to remind her when it’s time to take her medications. She’ll have someone telling her when it’s time to take another round of pain relievers, antibiotics, or other prescription medications.


Meal Preparation

Instead of worrying about her meals, your mom can have someone preparing meals and bringing them to her. She also has someone washing dishes and wiping surfaces after she’s done eating.


House Cleaning Services

If your mom needs bed rest, she can’t get up and clean her house. Even if she is mobile, she may have limits on how much she can lift or how long she should be on her feet. With a professional caregiver stopping by, she has someone to clean for her.

Caregivers can vacuum and sweep flooring, wipe down surfaces to disinfect them, dust, and do the laundry. They can mop the floors and run the dishwasher. It allows your mom to focus on her recovery.



You can also have senior care aides helping your mom schedule follow-up appointments, therapy sessions, and refills. If there are questions about things your mom is experiencing as she heals, the caregiver can alert you and/or help your mom call her doctor for guidance.



How many therapy appointments does your mom have coming up? If you can’t get out of work to drive your mom to all of them, a caregiver can be on hand to drive your mom to her appointments. Caregivers can also drive her to stores to get groceries, household supplies, and prescription refills.



Caregivers are incredibly helpful when it comes to companionship. Your mom can have her caregiver watch a movie with her, which gives her someone to talk about the movie with when it’s done. She has someone to play games with or to support her while she walks around as she regains mobility after hip surgery or bone fracture.

Arrange senior care services to be available when your mom is released from the hospital. With less stress and more comforting surroundings, her recovery may be much smoother than if you had her released to a nursing home or live-in rehabilitation facility. Call a senior care agency to arrange daily caregiver visits.


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