Home Care in San Diego CA: Spine Conditions
2 July 2021,

Spine Conditions: Many elderly people suffer from back pain issues.

There are a number of reasons why someone may experience these types of problems. It could be the result of degenerative disease, congenital defects, or injuries throughout their life. If your elderly loved one has back pain, it is important to seek medical assistance. This way, they can get proper treatment and possibly find a way to manage their discomfort. Keep reading to learn more about the types of spine conditions that are common among the elderly population.


Osteoporosis can be a serious condition. It causes an elderly person’s bones to become less dense. This can increase their risk of experiencing spinal fractures. Osteoporosis is very common in older adults. Some studies show that changes in diet, exercising regularly, and physical therapy usually help a person who has osteoporosis. However, in more severe cases, surgery might be required. You or a home care provider can take your elderly loved one to the doctor, so a treatment plan can be made.

Compression Fractures

Many elderly people experience fractures that lead to spinal cord injuries. Osteoporosis and obesity are a couple of reasons people suffer from fractures. This condition may also occur after someone gets injured while doing an activity that puts a lot of strain on their spine. If you believe your elderly loved one has a compression fracture, they should seek medical attention immediately. Treatment for fractures varies from case to case. Some types of treatment for this issue include the following:

  • Pain management
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Wearing a back brace
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy

Your elderly loved one’s doctor will determine the correct treatment in their case.


It can be difficult living with osteoarthritis since this condition can be very painful. Often this condition leads to degeneration of the discs and scoliosis. There are several forms of treatment for osteoarthritis. A couple of the treatment options include the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Corrective surgery

As a family caregiver, it is important to understand that surgery isn’t always an option for someone with these spine conditions. If your elderly loved one doesn’t need surgery, their doctor will recommend the best treatment option. Then, you or a home care provider can take your elderly loved one to get those treatments.

Spine Conditions: Conclusion

It is fairly common for an elderly person to have spine conditions. Sometimes, the pain associated with spinal issues is manageable. However, there are times when someone will have to undergo surgery to hopefully improve their condition. It is best to have your elderly loved one see their doctor if they are having back pain on a regular basis. Their doctors can decide on a treatment plan from there.


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