Home Care in San Diego CA: Protecting Ears
8 October 2021,

Home Care: Around one out of four adults between the ages of 65 and 74 suffer from disabling hearing loss.

After the age of 74, one of every two adults experiences disabling hearing loss. Protecting the ears is important, and that’s the message during October’s National Protect Your Hearing Month. Home care services providers can help with this.


Wear Sound Blocking Earmuffs When Using Power Tools

Your mom and dad should use sound-blocking earmuffs or earplugs to protect their ears when they’re using specific power tools. Sounds above 85 decibels can harm the ears. That includes riding mowers, push lawnmowers, snowblowers, leaf blowers, rototillers, etc.

Even inside the home, some items may damage the hearing if your parents are exposed to the noise for long periods. Carpet shampooers and some shop vacs may exceed the 85-decibel mark.


Avoid Cleaning Out Wax

Wax build-up is irritating, but your parents need to be careful about cleaning their ears with a cotton swab. It can push the wax deeper into the canal and cause a blockage. Using other objects may puncture the eardrum if you push it in too far.


Turn Down the Music, Movies, and Shows

Suppose your dad likes to turn his music or TV show up to deafening levels. He needs to stop. He might enjoy listening to his music loud, but it is harmful. He needs to turn it down.


Take Steps to Avoid Ear Infections

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It’s your mom’s favorite fitness activity. But, water in the ears can lead to a painful ear infection known as Swimmer’s Ear.

To avoid this infection, your mom should apply a few drops of alcohol and white vinegar into her ears after swimming. She leaves her head tipped to keep the alcohol mixture trapped for a few seconds. To drain her ear, she needs to hold a tissue against the ear opening and tilt her head to the side, letting all of the water and the alcohol mixture drain out.


Hire Caregivers to Help Your Dad Navigate Challenging Situations

When your dad cannot hear well, it’s hard to complete what seems like basic tasks. He may not hear the phone ring. He won’t always hear a knock at the door. He may not hear what his doctor tells him during an appointment.

It’s time to talk about the benefits of home care when your mom’s or dad’s hearing loss affects their daily life. Professional caregivers can go to appointments to take notes for you and help your parents in stores. Call a home care agency to learn more about companionship services for parents with hearing loss.

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