Home Care in San Diego CA: Last Minute Gifts
17 December 2021,

Home Care: Sometimes it’s very difficult to get all of your Christmas shopping done before the holiday arrives.

Especially if you live far away from your senior loved ones and you need to get your gifts in the mail quite early in order to make sure they get there. But if you’re scrambling for last-minute gifts for your senior loved ones don’t worry. There are plenty of fantastic and useful last-minute gifts for seniors that you or you’re senior home care provider can send from anywhere that you are.



Some of the best last-minute gifts for senior parents are:

Home Care

A home care provider can make a huge difference in your senior loved one’s life. When you can’t be there as often as you’d like to help your senior parents a home care provider can be there. Home care providers can do housework, help your senior loved ones with personal care, be great companions and friends, help your senior loved ones cook and eat healthy meals, and much more. The gift of home care is also a gift to yourself because you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your senior parents are getting the best possible one-on-one care so they can grow old in their own home the way they want.

Grocery Delivery

Another great last-minute gift for elderly relatives is grocery delivery gift cards. A home care provider can help your senior loved ones use an app on their phones or a website on a computer to load a virtual grocery cart full of the items that they need and someone will deliver everything right to the door. This is a great option to help seniors get pet food, litter, water, and other heavy items they have trouble carrying on their own. Seniors who like to grocery shop can hang onto the delivery gift cards you send and use them when the weather is bad or when they don’t feel like going out.

Gas Cards Or Ride Share Credit

If your senior loved one can still drive a gas gift card is always a welcome gift. Most seniors love getting practical gifts like a gas gift card that they can use whenever they want. If your senior loved ones no longer drive you can load their rideshare account with funds so that they can call the rideshare for a ride anywhere and not have to pay for it. Giving your senior parents that gift of mobility is a great thing to do.

Meal Delivery

If your senior loved ones generally get by pretty well but don’t like to cook big or complicated meals for themselves you can arrange for meal delivery for them. Many communities have local charity groups or public service groups who cook a full suite of traditional meals in large quantities every week then deliver those meals to seniors. You or you’re home care provider can sign up for either a full week or meals or just two or three meals a week. Give your senior loved ones the gift of some traditional weekly dinners to share like steak and potatoes or spaghetti and meatballs and other meals that they wouldn’t cook for themselves.


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