senior care
13 November 2020,

Professional senior care services can deliver peace of mind for family members as they help seniors to age in place. About 90% of seniors surveyed responded that they want to age in their homes. Focused professional care can help to make that a reality.

Highly skilled and trained caregivers ensure that seniors get the support that they need to stay in their homes as they age. In the U.S., the trend is for seniors to age at home with the support of professional caregivers.

Myths About Aging

Many of the myths about aging have been debunked by the current generation of seniors. For example, only about 3% of the senior population lives in a nursing home though it seems like the opposite. Most seniors are able to live full lives with in-home assistance. About half of older adults (age 65) are active in their communities and volunteer. That means approximately 15 million seniors are actively out helping other people.

While about four out of five older adults are dealing with chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and more, with the right senior care in the home, it can be well-managed.

That being said, seniors do not lose the desire to be around family and friends as they age. A recent study done by Johns Hopkins about aging revealed that unfortunately many seniors, when forced by family members to move from their home, experienced a quick decline in their health.

In Home Care

Most seniors just need a little help with daily activities, personal grooming, getting around, and things like meal prep to live comfortably at home. Staying at home is better for their psyche, their health, and it helps keep families connected.

Even in cases where 24 hour home health care is necessary, seniors that are able to stay in the home report:

  • Feeling more satisfied with their life.
  • Feeling much less isolated from family, friends, and community.
  • Feeling more optimistic about their future.

The best senior care San Diego has to offer is helping seniors improve their quality of life. They are able to enjoy their independence and stay connected to their family and friends. If you’re looking for professional senior care services for your loved one, the experts at La Jolla Homecare are here for you.