Family Caregivers in Pacific Beach CA
19 May 2016,

Family Caregivers in Pacific Beach CA

Family Caregivers in Pacific Beach CAThere may come a time in your elderly care journey with your aging parent when it becomes obvious that your parent should no longer be living on their own. This may be because they are living on limited financial means and need to save money, want to be closer to friends and family, or can no longer successfully care for their home and themselves due to new challenges and limitations. When this happens you may decide that transitioning your parent into your home is the ideal option. Having your parent live with you is the perfect way to ensure that you are close enough to give your loved one the care, support, and assistance that they need, and to give your entire family more opportunities to enjoy quality time together.

If you are considering having your parent move in with you and your family, it is important to take the time to prepare your home. This will help to ensure your parent, as well as the other members of your family, is safe, comfortable, and healthy throughout the entire experience. Use these tips to help you prepare your home and your family for your parent to move in:

  • Establish space. Your parent will need their own space within your home. Before you transition them in, make sure that you have chosen where your parent will sleep and have made any necessary accommodations for members of your family that may have to change sleeping areas. It can be difficult for a child to have to change rooms, move in with a sibling, or otherwise make considerations for a grandparent moving into the home. Be sure to keep this in mind and offer the emotional support that child needs to not feel displaced. When establishing space for your parent, make sure that you take into consideration any physical challenges and limitations, such as needing a room on the first floor or a ramp or other access point to enable effective use of the home.
  • Establish boundaries. Boundaries are critical to any relationship, but they are critical when you are going to be living with a parent again. Establishing these boundaries as early in the arrangement as possible is essential to preventing uncomfortable situations. Talk about issues such as who is permitted in what areas of the home and what areas might be off-limits to certain family members, how to handle answering the phone or the door, and your parent’s role in disciplining your children. Do not wait for an unpleasant situation to arise in order to bring these issues up.
  • Establish contributions. One extremely important issue that you will need to discuss with your parent before or immediately after they move in is expectations regarding their contribution to the home, and your responsibilities to them. Be clear as to the financial contributions that you expect your parent to make, as well as any other contributions such as helping with housework or taking care of the children. Also be clear about your intention to have a caregiver in the home with your parent, especially if they are under the impression that you will be offering all of the care. This will prevent tension and ensure everyone lives up to expectations.

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